Easy data and process management for regulated companies.

Regulated companies and investment funds require solid oversight and control.
But with so much data, you need knowledge and tools to keep things efficient.

Governance.com gives you everything you need to design and operate your internal processes.

Imagine having full control of all your data, documents and controls, anywhere, any time. Governance.io allows you to collect, connect, and navigate and control any information in your organisation, giving you a new level of business intelligence. Deployed on-premise or in the cloud in 1 day, and accessible from any device.

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Software implementation, hosting and support is provided by our network of integration partners. Regulatory and operational expertise is available from our expert partners. Governance.com gives you full flexibility in choosing the right partners, in the location of your choice. Everything you need to stay efficient and in control.

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You are just 3 steps away from good governance:

Governance.io is the data, document and workflow management system that allows you to collect and connect all your information. The result is an unprecedented transparency of your processes, secure access to your data wherever you are and the possibility to collaborate in real-time.

The system is built for ultimate flexibility, with a dataset that you can completely customise to your needs. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, and you even have the flexibility to choose your operational service providers.

And finally, the API allows you to seamlessly integrate Governance.io with other applications, including core systems and 3rd party software solutions.

Governance.io can be deployed in multiple ways, giving you full control of where your data resides, and who has access to it.

The deployment options are flexible. You can choose from:

  • Platform as a service
    • A private cloud infrastructure on Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure;
    • Choose the geographical location of the cloud cluster;
    • Serviced by our integration partner 2Gears SA.
  • Private Cloud
    • A private cloud infrastructure with the cloud provider of your choice; or
    • A specialised PSF compliant private cloud with our partner Telindus Luxembourg.
  • On-Premise
    • Deploy the system on your own internal server infrastructure;
    • Server applications provided as packaged Docker images, providing for simple deployment and upgrades.
    • Deployment and setup performed by your own IT teams or by one of our integration partners.

Implementing and operating Governance.io is not complicated, but does require the hands-on support of a competent team. The deployment includes the preparation of the server infrastructure, the installation of the system, but also the customisation and the initial loading of your existing data and documentation.

You can choose from several options:

  • Do It Yourself
    • Your IT team receives the packages with instructions on the technical requirements and the process of deployment;
    • Your IT administrators are trained to perform the user setup, role management, data customisation and data loading;
    • Your business or project management teams load the existing data and documentation.
  • Use an integration partner from:

    • Integration partners are certified trained specialist firms that can perform all the above tasks;
    • The integration partner provides you with a budget for their services, and invoices you directly;
    • Your IT and business teams can continue to focus on your business, while the integration partner prepares your environment.

Good organisations require a solid infrastructure, and the access to your data when and where you need it. But this is only half of the solution. Just as important as the infrastructure and data is the process that you build around this.

Think of checklists, controls, due diligence questionaires, board packs and  evaluations and regulatory reports to produce.

Governance.io allows you to build this control framework effortlessly. You can choose to do this:

  • Yourself
    • As a specialist in your field, you can create your processes, checklists, controls and other oversight elements;
    • You compliance teams can set up custom validations ensuring 4-eyes control on critical data changes;
    • And your administrators can set up the custom roles and abilities, ensuring segregation of data and independence of controls performed.


  • With an expert from:

    • Support partners are specialists of risk, governance and compliance matters and can provide you with ongoing support to keep your processes in Governance.io up to date and efficient;
    • The support partner directory provides you with the location, skills and services of the certified partners;
    • Because partners have been extensively trained on the technology, they can provide their expert content in a format ready to load, or can even load the checklists, processes and other elements directly for you. (subject to access provided by you)

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