Fund management is complex, and regulatory pressure keeps increasing. While you can’t avoid complexity in your business, Governance Fund Manager helps you retain control and gain peace of mind.


Built-in features:

Organize and manage your data based on the regulations of the CSSF.
Timely & thorough reporting
Create processes to enable the timely creation of mandatory reports to the regulator.
Issue management
Oversee risks, complaints, deadlines etc.
Delegate & counterparty management
Monitor and visualise all aspects of your funds including counterparties.
Corporate secretary
Record and document minutes, votes, agenda settings and collaborate with your counterparties.
Process & task management
Generate semi-automated processes to monitor ongoing tasks, resource management, live dashboard and much more.

Our smart technology provides you with the data structure, process management and tools you need to comply with your regulatory obligations. Ready to go, and configured to the specific requirements under circular 18/698.